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Want to reach the beauty of Belitung

Want to reach the beauty of Belitung. Belitung still has a mystery in my mind. The dream of tracing these islands always has obstacles. Im is still hoping to see first hand the filming location for the film Laskar Pelangi. Even though the film has 7 years passed, it still makes an impression on this heart.

Belitung Island is located in Bangka Belitung Province. Consists of 2 districts, namely Belitung Regency, with the capital city of Tanjung Pandan, and East Belitung, with the capital city Manggar. Besides being famous for its Laskar Pelang film, Belitung is also famous for its beach charm. Not only one, but there are dozens of beautiful beaches there.

So, if I have the opportunity to go to Belitung, this is what I want to do there:

Touring Tanjung Pandan, Belitung City Center

Tanjung Pandan is the center of Belitung city. The location, about 45 minutes from H.A.S Hanandjoeddin Airport. In Tanjung Pandan there is the Satam Stone Monument which is a landmark for the city of Belitung. Not far from the monument is Tanjung Pandam Beach. The location of the beach near the city makes this beach preferred by local residents to enjoy the evening twilight. I also want to enjoy it when in Belitung.

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Atep Noodle Culinary, Timpo Duluk Restaurant and Kong Tjie Coffee Shop

In Tanjung Pandan, I want to enjoy culinary delights in Belitung. There is Mie Atep on Jl Sriwijaya which is a favorite culinary tour of tourists. A portion consists of yellow noodles with prawns, bakwan, cucumber, boiled potatoes and bean sprouts that are drenched in sauce.

Timpo Duluk Restaurant located on Jalan Lettu Mad Daud is the next mandatory culinary agenda. This culinary delights are known for their old-fashioned interior designs with stilt houses. The menu is typical Belitung culinary. I want to try Gangan Fish and Ketarap Chicken with a key lemon ice drink.

Kong Tjie Coffee Shop, the building is simple but many people recommend it. Warkop Kong Djie is located right in front of the Regina Pacis Church, Tanjung Pandan. He said this coffee has been open since 1945. The special menu is Kopi O and Kopi Susu. Coffee O is black coffee with a distinctive aroma that many coffee lovers are looking for. I want to order Kopi Susu, a black coffee mixed with creamer that many female tourists hunt.

Tanjung Kelayang Beach and Tanjung Tinggi Beach

Tanjung Kelayang Beach and Tanjung Tinggi Beach are beaches that are quite close to Tanjung Pandan. About 60 minutes drive to reach it from the city center.

Tanjung Kelayang Beach is famous for its white sand, juxtaposed with clear blue sea water. Granite rocks adorn the beach. On this beach there is a beautiful bridge. If we stand on the bridge, it makes the body feel like floating. Not far from Tanjung Kelayang Beach, you can see Tanjung Tinggi Beach. (Want to reach the beauty of Belitung)

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