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Typical Dishes in Russia

Dishes in Russia – Typical Dishes You Must Try in Russia

Tasting local specialties is an integral part of a tour. Russia Beyond recommends Russian dishes that you must taste when traveling to Russia.

It’s hard to imagine a trip to Russia without trying pancakes or in the Russian language blini. Russian pancakes are thin, lacy, and soaked in enough butter and fat to help you survive the country’s harsh winters. The blini is traditionally filled with red caviar, jam, sour cream and soft cheese. But to be honest, blini is not good for a person’s body shape. One serving is fine, but when you face mountains of blini on the Russian table, it can be hard to stop eating them. If you know of anyone who can stop after eating just one, let us know!

Russian salad
Take boiled potatoes, eggs, sausage, and canned peas, mix everything up and drown in mayonnaise. This is how you make the most popular salad in Russia, which is the hallmark of any festive celebration. In its original form, the Olivier salad is more elegant and contains soft quail meat with a delicious dressing. Over time, this sauce turned into cheap fat mayonnaise, while quail was swapped for “doctor’s sausage.” The Olivier Salad is known worldwide as the “Russian Salad”.

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Russian pelmeni or dumplings are delicious. But only if you make it yourself from fresh meat and homemade dough. This traditional Russian dish is now the most popular student food and is a staple for busy people. Do not have time? Just boil frozen pelmeni, add mayonnaise, and it’s ready to eat. Some people sometimes fry boiled pelmeni.

Only a few foreigners claim to love this winter’s soup, and we understand why. If you’ve never heard of this dish, here’s the recipe: take the same ingredients as the modern version of the Russian salad) and top it with kvass, Russian soda made from rye bread, or kefir, a very alcoholic, fermented milk drink. Regardless of the recipe, this soup is very popular in Russia and you will find it everywhere in the summer, from local markets to restaurants.

Semolina porridge
Semolina is a byproduct of grain production. In Soviet times, cheap and fast-cooked semolina was the main ingredient for children’s breakfasts and was used as a base for popular casseroles, puddings, syrniki and porridge. Semolina consists of starch, and is often used as a substitute for whole grains. Due to the high amount of starch, these foods are not healthy to eat on a daily basis. However, some doctors recommend it to be eaten for patients after surgical treatment because it is easier to digest.

When it comes to culinary affairs, Russians like to eat anything using sour cream or what in Russian is called smetana. This is the reason why they like it. – Typical Dishes in Russia

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