Thursday, April 8

Traveling in Vietnam

Vietnam – One of the foreign destinations that can be visited for sightseeing is Vietnam. Vietnam’s travel time from Indonesia, especially Jakarta, is 3 hours. This certainly makes airplane costs cheaper and it doesn’t take too long to travel to Vietnam. Although it tends to be close to Indonesia, Vietnamese culture is far different from Indonesia. There are other important reasons why traveling to Vietnam is highly recommended by Travelers describes in this article, such as :

The Vietnamese Dong has a value of 0.61 Indonesian Rupiah. You will feel like a rich person when traveling in Vietnam

  • If you are traveling to Vietnam, you should bring US dollars to be exchanged into Vietnamese Dong. Keep your USD money smooth so that the exchange rate is high. When you arrive in Vietnam, look for a money changer and exchange your USD to Vietnamese Dong, you will feel rich suddenly. The value of the rupiah currency is also higher than the value of the Vietnamese Dong currency. Everything feels very cheap when in Vietnam.

You will always feel slow when traveling in Vietnam. Vehicle speed is only 40 km / hour, both on the highway and on the highway.

  • This Vietnam has a very relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Vietnamese people have a habit of sitting in front of the house on a stool while talking to one another. It feels very relaxed time. Even the maximum speed of vehicles on the highway is only 40 km / hour.

Try traveling around Vietnam on a sleeper bus. On the bus there is only a bunk bed and no seats at all.

  • If you are traveling to Vietnam, especially to HCMC, you should try the HCMC – Dalat – Muine – HCMC route. The transportation system in Vietnam is good and safe. There is even a regulation requiring bus drivers in Vietnam to take a break after driving 2 hours. So it’s certain that the stamina of the drivers in Vietnam is really good.

    Also spare the time to experience the thrill of riding the sleeper bus. This sleeper bus only consists of a bunk bed and there are no seats at all, except for the seat for the driver. Once on the bus, you must take off your shoes and put your shoes in the plastic provided. The sensation is different compared to taking a bus with a seat like what we usually encounter in Indonesia.

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