Tuesday, April 6

Travel All Around Japan

Travel All Around Japan. Take the Keisei Bus to Tokyo, Next I bought a keisei bus ticket, for 1000 yen (Rp. 127,000). I have written the review on “Tokyo Shuttle Keisei, Cheap Transportation From Narita Airport to Tokyo Station”. Taking the Keisei Bus is a cheap alternative to Tokyo because if I take the Keisei Skyliner it costs around Rp. 380,000, – unless you have a JR pass then you can use NEX transportation.

Buy Suica

Suica is an electronic transportation payment card. At Tokyo Station I immediately bought Suica at the Vending Machine. Luckily there is English so I bought it smoothly. I bought it for 2,000 yen, which is 500 yen as a deposit that can be returned if the return is refunded. Then I topped up another 1,000 yen. It’s expensive, so buying a card with a top up on the first day has already hit Rp. 380,000, – However, you must buy a payment card to make it easier to ride transportation.

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Go to the Airbnb apartment accommodation

My apartment is in the Otsuka area, about 30 minutes by JR train from Tokyo Station. The location of the apartment is strategic near the JR station, the rooms and bathrooms are also clean. Unfortunately at that time the check inn could only be at 3:00 p.m., luckily you could still leave your luggage.

Around the apartment there is a small mall that is connected to Otsuka Station so I went around until 3:00 p.m. and then returned to the apartment.

Eat Halal at Yosiya

I overslept until 5pm, then at night I looked for halal food at Yosiya in the Shinjuku area. The price of the meal is 1382 yen or Rp. 180,000, – pricey but I choose expensive food and the portions are large.

Tateyama Alpine Route

Today my JR Pass can be used, so the transportation is free using the JR and Shinkasen trains for the next 7 days. All day until 17.00 I was on the Tateyama Alpine Route.

Omoide Yokocho / Piss Alley

In Shinjuku, I also had time to go around the streets of ABC Mart, Don Quijote and several shop outlets to wash my eyes. Then accidentally came across a small alley full of restaurants, the atmosphere was like in a Japanese movie.

This tiny alley is a legendary alley that has existed since World War II. There was a fire in 1999 that consumed the entire restaurant, then it was rebuilt but without a toilet so it was called Piss Alley. But now the facilities are complete.

Overnight at Furusato

In Shirakawago I stayed at a Gassho style house which was 8,900 yen a night. I think you really have to stay at the Gassho style house because it is unique. When else if not in Japan, even though the booking was full of struggle. (Travel All Around Japan)

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