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Travel Activity Part 2 at Toba Lake

Lake Toba is one of the most popular tourist locations in Indonesia. How not, the lake which was formed from this volcanic eruption is the largest lake in Southeast Asia. The cool air and the area around the lake which is in the form of fertile hills are the main attractions in this place. In the end, the local community developed various tourist travel activity that tourists could do on Lake Toba.

The many beautiful locations and the variety of activities available make Lake Toba not enough to be enjoyed in a day. If you want to visit it, please spend more time to make your vacation here more memorable. What are the tourist activities that can be done on Lake Toba? You can try some of these recommendations and all of them provide really cool sides of Lake Toba part 2!

1. Religious tourism to the unique Faith Tourism Park

Taman Wisata Iman is an area in the hills that presents various forms of houses of worship from various religions in Indonesia. The buildings are very interesting to look at and are surrounded by lush trees. Sitinjo Hill, which is the location of this park, has a beautiful pine forest area and adds to the fresh air you can breathe.

Various properties such as statues and gates can also be found which further support the uniqueness of the buildings here. You can take advantage of this park for pilgrimage or just to admire every spot. Also choose the angle that you like for the photo background, guaranteed that the photo you produce will make your gang curious!

2. Lush Sicike-Cike Nature Park which is worth exploring

Sicike-Cike Nature Park is a conservation area located at an altitude of about 1500 masl. So you can imagine how cool and fresh the air is in it. Various types of trees thrive here such as rattan, incense and meang. Taking a walk in this tourist park will make you feel very close to nature, especially while listening to the sounds of wild animals such as gibbons and birds.

Here you will also find a beautiful lake. Relaxing for a moment by the lake is guaranteed to restore your spirits. At certain times, you can find wild ducks that can number up to hundreds swimming and flying on Lake Sicike-Cike. Very natural and instagramable!

3. It is incomplete to visit without learning Batak culture

The Batak tribe is famous for its thick culture, marked by the rumah gadang that you can easily find in the Lake Toba area. However, it will be even better if you know the history of Batak culture better in the various museums.

One of them is the Hutabolon Simanindo Museum, where you can see original houses with ancient ornaments that are still preserved and various traditional ceremonies including sigale-gale. No wonder that its antiquity is still very much felt because the museum. Which was opened since 1969, is a relic of hundreds of years ago.

You can also visit the TB Silalahi Center which has several zones such as the Batak Museum and Huta Batak. At the Batak Museum, various ancient Batak tribes are exhibited. Whereas at Huta Batak you can see ancient Batak villages and various cultural performances. Isn’t that exciting?

4. Don’t forget to shop at Pasar Tomok for various souvenirs that are a pity to miss

After getting to know the natural beauty and interesting culture, of course you can’t leave Lake Toba without buying souvenirs. Visit traditional markets that sell various handicrafts made by local residents. As simple as a t-shirt with the words Danau Toba or as complicated as ulos cloth, you can find them all here! One of the famous markets is Pasar Tomok, which has complete merchandise and is fun to explore.

Apart from Tomok Market, along the road in Tuktuk Siadong you can also find many souvenir stalls. Small things such as key chains or accessories in the form of necklaces, bracelets, bags to exotic Batak carvings. Can make your vacation on Lake Toba memorable!

5. Eating culinary delights with rich and delicious spices

Who is not familiar with Batak culinary delights that are rich in spices? You shouldn’t forget to have a culinary tour if you are in Lake Toba. There are many restaurants that combine local culinary delights with the natural beauty around them. Examples that you can visit are Warung Pinus and Resto Damasus. Presenting the beauty of the surrounding pine forests, you can eat large tilapia fish that were lured from Lake Toba.

There is also Juwita Cafe which is located right on the shores of Lake Toba. Just try eating arsik and tilapia fish while gazing at the calm lake water. Amid the shady atmosphere, you can also take part in cooking classes which are held at certain times. Whatever is done here can make you feel good because the atmosphere is so great.

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