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TOURISM PLACES JOGYAKARTA – Maximizing its natural wealth, Jogja never runs out of new tourist attractions. Starting from the beach, viewing post, forest and hilly areas, are the latest Jogja tourist attractions that you should visit. Here are the newest Jogja TOURISM PLACES attractions for an exciting vacation. (part 4)

  • The unique of Tembelan Kanigoro’s viewing post
    This tourist spot is perfect for you to visit in the morning, because the sky is amazingly beautiful with green forests that cover the land. If you come in August, chances are that there will be fog covering the forest and the panorama will look even more beautiful.

The manager arranged several viewing posts with unique shapes and of course very instagenic. Coupled with the view of the Oyo River between two cliffs, your tiredness along the up and down paths is guaranteed to pay off.

  • Free to take pictures to the top of Segoro
    Segoro Peak viewing post is a seaside photo spot with various kinds of ornaments. From here you can see the blue Indian Ocean, especially during the evening before sunset, accompanied by an orange sky and a gentle breeze.

Even though it has to travel 45 kilometers from the center of Yogyakarta City, the place is relatively safe with a sturdy building structure and access to stairs. The facilities are also complete with toilets, and a Javanese culinary food court that is appetizing.

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  • Syahdunya gurgling water in Grojogan Watu Purbo
    Actually, this waterfall has been around since the 70s, but only opened to the public 2 years ago. Grojogan Watu Purbo is famous for its very beautiful scenery with 6 levels of towering waterfalls. The best view is seen in the morning, when the sun rises and the chirping of birds greets visitors.

The rocks that decorate the river are no less exotic, ideal as a place to walk when playing water. This place is open to all ages and access to roads is also not too difficult. It is perfect for you to enjoy fresh mornings.

  • 15. Looking up at the sky with the fragrance of the tea garden at Isis Kulon Progo Hill
    This hill is the ideal place for you to enjoy the morning and evening. The vast horizons with distinctive landscapes will certainly spoil your vacation time. Here you can take pictures with a beautiful natural background and the coolness of the Kulonprogo plateau.

Not only viewing posts, you are also free to take pictures in the ISIS hill tea garden which is located close to each other. Even though it is located around the village, this newest Jogja tourist spot is equipped with toilets, first aid room and convenient road access. – TOURISM PLACES JOGYAKARTA

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