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TOURISM PLACES JOGYAKARTA – Maximizing its natural wealth, Jogja never runs out of new tourist attractions. Starting from the beach, viewing post, forest and hilly areas, are the latest Jogja tourist attractions that you should visit. Here are the newest Jogja TOURISM PLACES attractions for an exciting vacation. (part 3)

  • 9. Enjoy the sweet and take pictures as much as you like at Ice Cream World

The vehicle for the Ice Cream World photo spot is the talk of Yogyakarta residents and tourists because it offers colorful rooms with ice cream ornaments. There are 11 cool photo spots that can make your social media more colorful. Starting from Singapore ice cream, Kit-Kat, Oreo, Pool Time Marshmellow, Ginger with gingerbread dolls, Poky, Banana, Gold, Alice In Wonderland, and many others.

Here you can invite your nephew or little brother because the place is for all ages. Each levy payment includes ordering one portion of ice cream and you are free to choose the taste offered. The facilities are also complete, such as a make up room with a sink, toilet, prayer room, a large parking area, and a guest assistant who will accompany and assist visitors.

  • 10. Geo Tubing to Lava Pillow

The remnants of mountain lava that settle on the mainland harden and give rise to unique contours. This natural phenomenon makes the banks of the river an attractive tourist destination and people call it Lava Bantal.

The area that has become a geo heritage has an area of ​​two thousand hectares and has been opened to the public as natural tourism. Vacationing here will be more exciting with your family or closest relatives, because the manager opens a geo tubing activity that you can try. You will be provided with buoys and safety devices and feel the rushing water in the Lava Pillow area. If you want to hold an event around Lava Bantal, there is a joglo pavilion that can be rented.

  • 11. Get lost in the middle of the fog of the Pinus Asri Peak

The area in Bantul which is filled with pine forests offers interesting tours for tourists to visit, one of which is the Asri Pine Peak. The opening part of this nature tour presents a cool pine forest. The rocky road and high pine trees are beautiful photo spots that produce a gloomy effect like in the Twilight movie.

Getting to the top, you will find a beautiful flower garden and a wide view of the horizon. The atmosphere of the photo spot is getting more colorful with flowers ready to become the background. Puncak Pinus Asri also offers an instagenic viewing post overlooking the forest.


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