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TOURISM PLACES – Maximizing its natural wealth, Jogja never runs out of new tourist attractions. Starting from the beach, viewing post, forest and hilly areas, are the latest Jogja tourist attractions that you should visit. Here are the newest Jogja TOURISM PLACES attractions for an exciting vacation. (part 2)

  • Playing anti-mainstream to Watudjaran Sky Swing

The next tourist destination is Watudjaran Sky Swing, which is located on the hill of Sabrangkidul village, Kulon Progo Regency. Their flagship commodity is a selfie spot with a vast expanse of land towards the surrounding plantations and forests. Blue skies and green land are attractive sights for those of you who are bored with routines.

You can enjoy the outdoor scenery by riding a swing or unique ornaments provided by the manager, such as a Harry Potter-style broomstick and wooden balcony overlooking the wild. The right time to come here is in the morning, when the sun is not too hot and the access roads are not too dark. If you want to travel there, it’s a good idea to drive a two-wheeled vehicle because of limited road access.

  • Beautiful sunset on the Peak of Kosakora

    The towering karst hills on the beach have now become Jogja’s newest tourist magnet. It is about 50 meters above sea level and is above Ngarumput Beach, Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta. On top of this cliff top you can enjoy the breezy wind and enchanting clouds, the beachfront panorama offered is also very beautiful, you can see the beach line with a row of bushes that stretches out wide.

This newest Jogja tourist destination is the most fun to visit in the afternoon. The view of the orange sky will look very epic with the sound of the waves getting smoother. Not infrequently visitors often set up tents here, to witness firsthand the natural scenery in the morning and enjoy the beach during holidays.

  • Seeing nature outside of Pulepayung Tourism Hill
    An excursion with a different atmosphere to Pulepayung Tourism Hill can be your alternative to get peace. It is secluded in the hilly area of ​​Menoreh facing south. The view of the wildlife reserve and sermo reservoir will spoil your eyes from above a height.


  • The bank of the river at Lemah Rubuh
    Wisata Lemah Rubuh offers views of the beautiful countryside by the river. The huts are colorful and each terrace overlooks the hills. This place is perfect for stress relief and is also instagramable! The name of this tourist spot was adopted from the hamlet where this tourist stands. namely Lemah Rubuh Hamlet, Imogiri. You can play to the Oya river which is calm and clear, or try rafting to explore the times with friends.



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