Monday, June 14

Tourism future in Indonesia

Tourism future – Thinking positively in the midst of difficult times is not always easy. However, adaptation and flexibility are the main keys that must be held by anyone who is involved in the hospitality & tourism industry. After all, change is the only thing that continues to happen in the world.

The adoption of the New Habit Adaptation clearly changes the behavior of tourists when they travel. Likewise with the trend of Indonesian tourist destinations. Along with the easing of the PSBB in various regions, slowly the hospitality & tourism industry began to beat again. So, changing the strategy to survive a pandemic is a realistic step that tourism activists can take. The following strategies may be ideal examples of getting through the crisis period.

Although not yet fully recovered, experts predict that the following tourist destinations will attract tourist arrivals.

  • Outdoor tourism
    Remote countryside away from the crowds, hiking, hiking or hidden beaches will be a tourist wish list. The open nature allows them to maintain physical distance and avoid crowds of people, as well as be able to breathe fresh air.
  • Staycation at the nearest hotel
    Bored at home and wanting to change the atmosphere is the reason for those who choose staycation as a tourist activity. As long as hotel managers are able to implement strict health protocols according to WHO standards, this option certainly opens the hopes of many parties.
  • Virtual tour
    Traveling to various world tourist destinations is now possible through virtual tours, either through live social media or conference meetings. Many well-known museums offer corner exploration of the building and excellent collections online. In fact, there are virtual tour operators complete with tour guides who are ready to accompany and share exciting stories throughout the session.

There is still hope for the future of Indonesian tourism after the pandemic. The most important thing to do now is to focus on aggressive pandemic control: testing, tracing, isolation and patient care. Economic recovery will be easy to do later when the number of cases slopes and shows a positive trend. Agree? – Tourism future

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