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The Korean Folk Village

The Korean Folk Village. If you like Korean dramas with colossal themes like Jang Geum and Sunkyuwan Scandal; that’s the location in Korean Folk Village. Yes, although the Janggeum shooting location has two areas, one of them is in the Folk Village.

The Korean Folk Village has the theme of the Korean dynasty during the royal era, in a setting like Joseon or a people’s village. Some of the transportation to Folk Village is very easy, their website is friendly complete with English.

Here are the transportation to the Korean Folk Village.

From several transportation options, I chose one that started from Sanggal Station because I adjusted the shuttle bus departure schedule. From Seoul Station to Sanggal Station it takes about 1.5 hours, there are 26 stations that I have to go through with 3 transfer stations.

It seems closer if you start from Suwon station, it only takes about 1 hour from Seoul Station. What is certain is that from Suwon Station, Jukjeon Station or Sanggal Station, all shuttle buses are free. But I recommend riding from Suwon Station because it’s cheaper to take the subway, which is 1,850 won, while from Sanggal it’s around 2,850 won.

Arriving at Sanggal station, I just had to walk straight to the bus stop. Then at 12.10 the shuttle bus passes in front of the bus stop, the time at the stop is very quiet from tourists. I’m already worry, if the bus didn’t came. Moreover, the bus has time to tell me whether to stop at the bus stop because maybe I was not consider going to take the shuttle bus. I am waving my hand …

Korean Folk Village shuttle bus is very easy to recognize, with very clear Korean Folk Village writing. After taking the shuttle bus, I arrived in about 10 minutes, very close to the bus stop earlier, but it’s impossible if you insist on walking because if the road is definitely far.

I immediately bought a ticket, the normal price was around 15,000 won, but because I brought a coupon discount from the KTO website that I downloaded, it became 10,000 won. If you want to save money, you have to be diligent in downloading coupons on the Korean tourism website.

Entering Korean Folk Village

I was like being throw in a time machine. You can feel the old Korean atmosphere. The vast location of Korean Folk Village made me forget myself, apart from exploring and taking photos, I also didn’t miss some of the shows. The show schedule is on the website and in a map that you can pick up when buying tickets. In addition, there is also a theme park for children. Even happier, the tour is Muslim friendly, there is a comfortable prayer room.

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Satisfied walking inside, I also have lunch. Like the food in a theme park like in Indonesia, it tasty enough just to fill the stomach. Trip to Korea and visiting Korean Folk Village is a must try trip if you ever visited korea someday.

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