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The Korean Folk Village – The Great Artificial Village

The Famous Korean Folk Village. If you like Korean dramas with colossal themes like Jang Geum and Sunkyuwan Scandal; that’s the location in Korean Folk Village. Yes, although the Janggeum shooting location has two areas, one of them is in the Folk Village.

The Korean Folk Village.

Usually, Korea does not only present dramas with a modern world setting. There are also many historical backgrounds and stories that have successfully stolen the hearts of Korean drama lovers in the world and in Indonesia. Call it the drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Jewel in The Palace, My Love From The Star, and finally Hwarang.

It is the Korean Folk Village, an artificial garden as well as a shooting location for several South Korean historical dramas. In this place, you feel as if you are being transported back to the era of the Joseon dynasty, namely the Korean royal dynasty from 1392 to 1897.

If you happen to be planning a vacation to Korea, you must include this place on your list of destinations. Interestingly, to reach this location is also not difficult.

Located in Minsokchon-ro, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do Province, it takes about two hours by private vehicle. However, if you want to travel using public transportation, you can reach it by taking subway line number one, stopping at Sowon Station, then taking the shuttle bus provided by the Korean Folk Village.
There, later you will see many traditional Korean houses that can only be seen in dramas. When you enter the gate, you will be greeted with many Korean drama posters that have been filmed there.

Not far from the gate, a large tree draped with red, white, yellow, and black fabrics is ready to welcome you proudly. The fabrics were not hanged without reason. The five colors hanging on the tree represent courage, wisdom, honesty, honor and loyalty. Isn’t that interesting?

Then, when you enter a further location, you will see classic buildings typical of the royal era with replicas of houses made of straw, courts, prisons, and gazebos. Here, you can also take pictures with officers wearing Joseon era clothes.


If you want to visit here, you only need to pay 15 thousand won or the equivalent of Rp. 172 thousand. However, if you want cheap, you can include a discount coupon that can usually be picked up at Incheon Airport, Korea. Take a peek at the filming location for the drama ‘Hwarang’ in the Korean Folk Village

Korea Folk Village itself is open from 09.30 – 18.00 Korean time, and depending on the season. If it’s winter, this place closes early, only until 17.30 KST. Note it!

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