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Shopping Spot In Hong Kong

Shopping Spot In Hong Kong. It doesn’t feel like going to Hong Kong without shopping. Hong Kong as a shopping paradise has many shopping spots with cheap goods due to low taxes. Many brand goods in Hong Kong are much cheaper than prices in Indonesia. No wonder Hong Kong is famous as a shopping center in Asia which is visit by many tourists every year, especially during Summer, there are many sale offers in various shopping centers.

The number of shopping places in Hong Kong often makes tourists confuse about where to shop, each shopping place has its own characteristics. So it’s worth a visit for everyone, but if your time in Hong Kong is limited, then here are some shopping references as a guide:

PMQ Hong Kong

PMQ is actually not just a place for shopping, but this place is also suitable as a hangout place that can also be used as a ‘narcissistic’ place because of the many rows of artworks of Hong Kong youths that are displayed on PMQ. This place is different from other shopping places in Hong Kong, mostly selling branded goods, but at PMQ there are many goods from local designers at relatively affordable prices. Every weekend there is always a flea market.

Cheung Sa Wan Road

Stop by the Kowloon area, my favorite place to shop is Cheung Sa Wan Road. The row along Cheung Sa Wan Street is a grocery store with relatively cheap prices. So at Cheung Sa Wan Road, there are almost all fashion items, from dresses, t-shirts, jeans, bags, and so on. However, don’t forget to bargain for half the price … don’t give up if the seller scolded you for getting a cheap price.

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Harbor City Mall

My next favorite mall destination is Harbor City Mall, which is one of the largest malls in Hong Kong, located in the Tsim Tsa Shui area. This mall has many shops, restaurants, art galleries and hotels, because of the many shops supported by the size of this mall. To make shopping easier, visitors can ask for a mall map located in Information as a guide. Usually I go to a cosmetics shop, clothing and camera electronics.

It’s most cool to go to Harbor City Mall from noon to late afternoon, because by late afternoon, we can enjoy the view of Hong Kong from the ocean terminal deck. Besides relaxing enjoying the view, you can also hang out at the Harbor City Mall cafe while being accompanied by the atmosphere of the sea in Hong Kong. (Shopping Spot In Hong Kong)

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