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Public Transportation in Hongkong

Public Transportation in Hongkong. A traveler will have no trouble using this Hong Kong public transportation in . Evidently, while vacation in Hong Kong, I never got lost or confused about using it. Brochures or maps are available at airports and some tourist attractions. Don’t forget to take it, to make our journey easier.

The magic move to use public transportation in Hong Kong is to have an Octopus Card. This card is a kind of ezlink Singapore, T-money Seoul or Flazz in Indonesia. With this card; we just need to touch when we enter the gate station or take the bus; we don’t have to bother preparing pennies when paying for public transportation in Hong Kong.

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If you’ve been to Singapore, or other overseas countries, you don’t need to worry about getting on this fast train transportation system, because the way to get there is almost the same. The MTR will connect the separate Hong Kong regions into 3 Kowloon islands, Hong Kong Island and Lantau Island.

However, compared to the Singapore MRT, the access to the MTR on foot is longer than that of Singapore, but the steps are not as extreme as the Seoul subway. There are many MTR Hong Kong exits, even like at Tsim Tsa Tsui until exit L, and continue to L1 and so on. Make sure you know the exit that matches the intended destination.

As for the payment system, you can directly touch the octopus card or buy it directly at the MTR Ticket Machine inside the station. Later in the machine, there are instructions in English.

The MRT line is divided into 9 lines with different colors. To change lines with different color lines, you must go to a station interchange, which will connect the two lines. At each station there will be clear instructions for changing lines.

Tram Ding Ding

The Ding Ding tram transportation mode only operates in the Hong Kong Island area. The Ding Ding tram is shaped like an ancient train; it is already a century old, but Hong Kong people still like it because it is cheap. The cold tram runs along the railroad that divides the road; the rail position is in the middle of the highway.

The tram has an upper deck, if you want to enjoy the breeze and the beauty of Hong Kong Island, then go up to the top with the rotating stairs. The lower seats are facing each other like taking an angkot, while the upper deck seats face forward like a bus. The outer body of the tram ding ding is also unique, as it is fill with billboard advertisements with bright colors.

To get on the Ding-ding tram, get on from the ding-ding tram station which is near the tram tracks. The line is divide from East and West, click here to see the route. Oia, to get on the tram we have to go through the back door and get off through the front door at the same time pay for the tram by touching the octopus

Using tram transportation is quite easy, just get on from the nearest station and then get off at the destination station. If you go up from the East, you just have to cross to the West, and vice versa. The cost is quite cheap, only HKD 2.5 per ride is far short.

City Bus

Sometimes a traveler always prefers to take the MTR rather than the bus. Indeed, the MTR route is much easier to learn than the bus. But, specifically I prefer to take the bus from the MTR. Why? Again, because the road inside the Hong Kong MTR station is long and very far. Even though I already entered the station, but to get on the train you have to walk again about 1 km more hyaaaa …

Actually taking a bus in Hong Kong is very easy, ASAL knows exactly the number of the bus route and the bus stop it is going to. Now, to find out the bus routes can be see on this website and can be see directly at the bus stop. At the bus stop, there is always a clear signboard, the design of the signboard is also unique. (Hongkong Public Transportation)

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