Saturday, April 10

Low Budget Traveling Strategy

Low Budget Traveling today is one of the hobbies that are mushrooming in various circles. Basically, traveling is a means of refreshing, releasing fatigue, removing all negative energy, and returning to “emptying the glass” to be filled with new things. However, in this current era, the other side of traveling is a good opportunity to find stock photos apart from being a holiday witness as well as “feed” and “timeline” content on social media. Then how to keep traveling fun but “low budget” and hassle-free? For those of you who like to travel but are afraid of dry bags, here is the solution.

  • The first is to find references for places to travel (can be via Instagram, google, travel vlogger on youtube, etc.) and determine the destination for traveling, whether domestically or abroad. Next, look for information on available transportation and accommodation alternatives. If you have to use an airplane, you should book tickets in advance or hunt for tickets during the travel fair to get cheaper prices. In addition to plane tickets, lodging also needs to be prepared in advance, no need for star hotels because when traveling the inn only functions as a place to rest and store items. Except for a staycation, you should choose accommodation that is comfortable and has complete facilities.
  • So that while traveling comfortably, you should make an itinerary or travel plan. This will make it easy and time control so that no missed places are planned to be visited. When compiling an itinerary, the thing that must be considered is the movement from one place to another, try to find one in the same direction so that the travel time is effective and efficient. Therefore, don’t be surprised if the maps application is your best friend when traveling. It is also important to plan the vehicle that will be used when traveling, whether to use public transportation or rent a private car / motorbike. For motorbike rental services, you can search on Instagram or Google, as well as for car rental services that are already in several marketplaces.
  • The next thing to pay attention to is the items that are brought when traveling. Identity in the form of Identity Card, Driving License, Passport (if necessary) are mandatory things that must be carried. Communication tools in the form of cell phones, chargers, power banks, hands free should be stored in a bag that is easily accessible along with wallets and identity cards. If needed, you can also bring a camera to document precious moments when traveling.
  • Bring enough clothes to change when traveling, try to wear clothes that are comfortable and easy to absorb sweat. We recommend that you wear neutral colors or earth tone clothes because besides being cool, neutral colors and earth tones will have a good effect when being photographed. Not to be missed, whatever the weather, it is important to bring a jacket as an outer layer (and a head covering if necessary). In addition, it is necessary to bring comfortable nightgowns so that the quality of sleep is good because fun traveling is unconsciously draining a lot of energy. Therefore, it is necessary to have enough rest so that the next day the body will be refreshed.

So, those are the important points that need to be prepared before and when traveling (Low Budget Traveling) . Planning and arranging your own traveling trip is much more flexible in terms of time (preferably during the low season), saves costs (including travel and tour agent fees), and can determine tourist destinations as desired

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