Tuesday, April 6

Line Cafe Seoul Korea

Line Cafe Seoul Korea. Line cafe is like poison, especially when you look at social media with good posts. The Cafe is included in the list of important places that must be visit. There are several Line Cafe branches in Seoul, including sinsa dong in the Garisugil Street area, Myeongdong, Itaewon and in Everland.

Well, from the Line Cafes above; I prefer the one located in Itaewon because the cafe decoration is nicer, newer and wider. What is certain is that it is not as busy as those in Garosugil street and Myeongdong. If you don’t want to be complicate, just choose the Myeongdong one, but that’s how it is… really crowded and queued for photos. If the one in Everland is definitely in the Theme Park location.

From some of these café lines, I stopped at the Gorugil Street area. Want to tell a little about Garosugil street, this area is include in the Gangnam area. The area is really beautiful because both cosmetics shops want cute fashion. If you are narcissistic, you will find beautiful spots. Unfortunately, that day I was really unlucky, it rain all night so it was difficult to take photos.

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The Line Café area on Garosugil Street is more complicated to look for, because you still have to walk about 10 minutes from the subway exit. But it’s actually easy to find if you follow my route above, you definitely have to concentrate.

Like other line cafes, this line cafe on Garosugil Street is really busy. Moreover, the mandatory photo in front of the line doll has to be queued. What am I doing in the cafe? Just a photo, This line café is a shop that sells merchandise line, from dolls, bags, tableware and anything with Line characters.

So, going down one floor, so it’s like underground… there will be a cafe that sells dessert and coffee. I just took pictures of the atmosphere and prices at Line Cafe, who knows if you want to hang out there …

You don’t need to worry about being kick out because you brought a camera to take photos, because here, how come you are free from narcissism, you want to get overturned or how can you get the photo. As long as you don’t just bring food and drinks Don’t forget the one in Itaewon is better if you have photos don’t forget to share them in my email, display them with your account ID. (Line Cafe Seoul Korea)

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