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Jonker Inn Hotel, Recommend Hotels in Melaka

Jonker Inn Hotel, Recommend Hotels in Melaka. After successfully searching for cheap flight tickets to KL, the next agenda is to prepare accommodation. Our agenda after going to KL, then continuing to Melaka. I brought a group of family groups and some friends on this trip. In Melaka, we stay overnight at the Jonker Inn Hotel.

The choice of hotel at the Jonker Inn Hotel Melaka went through a long debate with my friends. For family groups who want to just pay together. We are around a week in and out of online bookings to find cheap and strategic lodging and hotels in Melaka. But I still choose Jonker Inn Hotel.

At that time, my friend recommend Hallmark Hotel Leisure for fear of the old Jonker Inn hotel building. On the Tripadvisor reviews, the Hallmark Hotel Leisure hotel is good, and the price is almost the same as the Jonker Inn. But I am not “comfortable” because I have to walk to Jonker Walk and Red Square 850 meters. Had decided that the hotel was just separate, but in the end my friends joined me to stay at the Jonker Inn Hotel with me.

On the internet, the appearance of the Jonker Inn Hotel looks scary. The building is indeed an ancient heritage style that has been around for decades. If you want something better, there is Jonker Inn Boutique, which is still in the same management with the Jonker Inn Hotel. The location of the two hotels is also next to each other, it’s just that on weekends the price is around 1 million rupiah. I prefer Jonker Inn Hotel.

The reviews that I read on tripadvisor, reviews on traveloka and are always good. The plus value is also in front of the hotel there is a Jonker Walk, just walk a step away and arrive at the row of food.

Transportation and Routes to Jonker Inn Hotel

Getting to the Jonker Inn Hotel is very easy, the coordinates are according to the GPS. The taxi driver dropped us off right in front of the hotel door. The second group, namely my friends, took the bus from KL and had no difficulties with transportation to the Jonker Inn Hotel. The route is from Melaka Sentral, get off at Red Square (Melaka red building), then cross the road to the Jonker Walk area, then follow the Jonker Walk for about 600 meters. The hotel will be on the right side.

The 600-meter walk feels close, really! Along the path that we follow, there are shops selling food and souvenirs to the left and right. During the day it is quiet, but at night the streets around Jonker Walk are very busy with tourists.

Review of Rooms at the Jonker Inn Hotel

The appearance of the Jonker Inn Hotel building is like a historical building in Surabaya. However, the Jonker Inn is very well maintained, both the clean white paint and the ancient floors are very clean. Entering the receptionist, we were welcomed by the air-conditioned room.

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Entering the room, you can see clean white sheets, there is a flat TV and the bathroom is also modern. The important point is that there is no musty or musty smell at all. Yes, everything is normal. I really recommend this hotel if you go to Melaka. Jonker Inn This hotel is cheap compared to other hotels in the Jonker Walk area. (Jonker Inn Hotel, Recommend Hotels in Melaka)

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