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Hong Kong Airport Transportation

Hong Kong Airport Transportation. When traveling abroad, I am always amaze by the sophistication of the transportation system. Like in Hong Kong, it is very easy for me to visit between one tourist spot to another using public transportation in Hong Kong. Hong Kong citizens are indeed spoil by the government with cheap and easy public transportation.

Hong Kong Airport Transportation

There are two public transportation systems available at Hong Kong Airport, namely Airport Bus and Airport Express. Both are convenient transportation to the Hong Kong area. Here’s how to use it:

Airport Express

Airport Express is a fast train similar to the Singapore MRT. This train will be immediately visible if you exit the Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA). The location is not far from purchasing an octopus card.

The airport express ticket price to Kowloon is HKD 90, while Causewaybay is HKD 100. The advantage of taking the airport express is that the distance from the airport to the two areas is around 30 minutes, while the airport bus is one hour.

In terms of convenience, it is certainly more convenient for an airport express, knowing that the ticket price is far from that of the airport bus. The good thing is, our Airport Express system can be directly integrate with the MTR line. If your inn is in the Kowloon area then get off at Kowloon station, if at Causewaybay then get off at Hongkong station. Then continue with the MTR which is close to the inn.

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Airport Bus

Airport Bus is an alternative transportation besides airport express at a cheaper price. The ticket price is HKD 40, the difference is HKD 60 compare to Airport Express. If you bring a family group, the savings are pretty good hehehe ..

While in Hong Kong, I chose this transportation because it was cheap. Even though the price is cheaper, it’s still comfortable for me. The seats are like a tourist bus in Indonesia, there is a special suitcase and the air conditioner is also cold. If you want to see the view of Hong Kong island freely, we can take a spot on the upper deck because of the double deck bus.

To reach this airport bus stop, from the Airport Express, turn right. Then just go straight following the signpost. The bus stop is then differentiated between kowloon on the left and Causewaybay on the right.

To get on the bus, there are bus numbers according to our route. For example, I get off at Causewaybay I take the A11 bus, or if I want to get off at kowloon then take the A21 bus. Other routes can be seen here. If you want the trip to be connected with the MTR, you can also get off in front of the MTR station according to the route pointer.

On my way to Causewaybay, the trip totaled approximately one hour. To get off, you don’t need to worry about confusion because there is a digital pointer that explains the next stop. So, in my opinion, this airport bus is as comfortable as an airport express, the only difference is the duration. (Hong Kong Airport Transportation)

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