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Hidden Tourism Destination in Spain Part 4

Considering tours and vacations to Spain? Well, there are many tourist destinations that can be visited. Especially those in Barcelona and Madrid, two of the most iconic cities in Spain. Apart from these two cities, there are many tourist destinations that are no less cool. Scattered all over the cities in Spain, hidden and waiting to be explored part 4.

The charm of extraordinary natural scenery. The rich history and culture to the friendliness of the people is the main attraction of Spain. Just look at the hilly and mountainous landscape that Spain has. With white sand beaches to beautiful green plantations waiting to be visit. Intrigued by the extraordinary natural charm, history and culture and special natural landscapes of Spain, outside Barcelona and Madrid? If so, these cities and regions in Spain will probably catch your eye and may persuade you to visit, once things have returned to normal.

1. Cies Islands, remote and hidden

The Cies Islands are actually hidden tourist destinations in Spain. Some of the islands here are in the most remote locations in Spain, such as Monteagudo, San Martino and Lighthouse Island, with Rodas Beach connecting the last two. To get to this island, you have to travel by boat for one hour from Vigo.

Rodas Beach is popular with many writers and artists because it is one of the most remote places in Spain. It seems like a great place where you can isolate yourself and completely devote yourself to being creative. Cies are also a great choice for bird watchers as they host the largest seagull colony in the world. The area has been a national park since the 80s but foreign tourists apparently still don’t know this hidden paradise.

2. Cabo de Gata-Nijar, a border town full of challenges

One city that rarely gets the attention of tourists in Spain, due to its hidden or difficult-to-reach location is Cabo de Gata-Nijar, a city on the Spanish outskirts, located in the far southeast, bordering Europe’s only semi-desert. The city also has the Cabo de Gata-Nija Nature Reserve, which was name a Biosphere Reserve in 1997. The geological formation in the reserve is unique and one that is spare on the coast of Spain.

The city has beautiful beaches, hidden between sharp rocks and dark yellow cliffs. However, bumpy and dangerous road access makes this city rarely visited by tourists. Even though Cabo de Gata-Nijar was one of the locations for shooting the box-office films Indiana Jones and Lawrence of Arabia.

3. Cudillero, a special fishing village

Cudillero is one of Spain’s most charming fishing villages and hidden tourist destinations. Similar to an Italian city, the Riviera with its colorful and vibrant streets, filled with buildings with windows that are also different colors, makes it easy for fishermen to navigate through narrow alleyways with an eye for the neighborhood.

The area also has many roads offering excellent views, including routes to the lighthouse, La Garita, La Atalaya or El Pico. The latter two are the two important buildings of the Gothic parish church, which were built in the 16th century.

Being a village that is well known as a fishing destination, there are many food choices in Cudillero. Apart from that you can also find some beautiful secluded beaches that are unspoiled by tourists, as well as stunning views from the terracotta rooftops.

4. Cerdanya, a city set in snowy mountains

Cerdanya is a territory in Catalonia covering more than 1,000 km2, which is evenly divide between France and Spain. The majestic Pyrenees mountain range with its silvery snow peaks sets the backdrop for a peaceful country setting. Many people acknowledge the charm of Cerdanya on a par with towns in the Swiss Alps. The nature is lush, with mountain villages, and meadows filled with cows.

The Cerdanya offers the best combination of Mediterranean warmth and snow mountain coolness. Camino de Santiago is also a must-visit destination in the region. To get around this area, tourists can easily do it, considering all the villages are connect by roads, and exploring by foot or bicycle can be very interesting to do.

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