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Hidden Tourism Destination in Spain Part 3

Considering tours and vacations to Spain? Well, there are many tourist destinations that can be visited. Especially those in Barcelona and Madrid, two of the most iconic cities in Spain. Apart from these two cities, there are many tourist destinations that are no less cool. Scattered all over the cities in Spain, hidden and waiting to be explored part 3.

The charm of extraordinary natural scenery. The rich history and culture to the friendliness of the people is the main attraction of Spain. Just look at the hilly and mountainous landscape that Spain has. With white sand beaches to beautiful green plantations waiting to be visit. Intrigued by the extraordinary natural charm, history and culture and special natural landscapes of Spain, outside Barcelona and Madrid? If so, these cities and regions in Spain will probably catch your eye and may persuade you to visit, once things have returned to normal.

1. The city hidden in the mountains, Albarracín

This city can be one of the hidden tourist destination in Spain because of its location in the middle of a bare rocky hill. The city has also been registered as a National Monument since 1961. The former capital of the Moorish kingdom (Taifa), Albarracin has also managed to preserve its Islamic and medieval era nuances.

Seen from Teruel in Aragón, the pink buildings in Albarracín provide a stunning view, appearing to be rising together over the Guadalaviar river. Exploring the city’s cobbled streets, you will be transported to a completely different world, cut off from the modern world. Looking out over the Torre del Andador, the view you get in all directions is of bare rocky mountains. Art buffs will be attracted by the treasured collection of flamenco rugs at the Diocese Museum, which is located within the Episcopal Palace.

2. Villajoyosa, a city full of color

If you like a colorful and instagenic area, Villajoyosa is a must-visit destination as the city offers lots of colors along the southern coast of Spain. Like many other colorful cities in Europe, the buildings are paint in bright colors so fishermen trying to find their way can see them. Its location is on the edge of the beach with fine sand like silk. Overall, it’s a great getaway.

Apart from enjoying the city full of color, make sure you also visit Villajoyosa for the Moors & Christians Fiesta celebration for an unforgettable experience. You just have to make sure to be in Villajoyosa in mid-July. For those who like chocolate, the chocolate industry in Villajoyosa, which is famous and vintage, must be included in your travel itinerary. The fun thing is, local factories are willing to open their doors wide for tourist visits.

3. Altea, the white city

The charm of Altea lies in the white buildings as far as the eye can see. Every corner of the city is decorated with beautiful flowers and has a stunning sea view. Naturally, many people think of Altea as the Santorini of Spain! Altea is also an Instagenic city, every corner of the city is interesting as a photo background. There are many small shops in the city and a number of restaurants that are equally interesting to visit.

If you want to get a deep impression on Altea, August is the perfect time to visit. The Castell de L’Olla fireworks display takes place that month and is one of the most exciting annual events.

4. Zahara, a beautiful little town

Zahara is a small town on the edge of a hillside, surrounded by the most beautiful reservoirs you will ever see. Like Altea, all the buildings in the city are white. While in Zahara, you can take lots of photos, explore the ruins of Zahara de la Sierra Castle, and eat delicious food while enjoying the spectacular views.

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