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Bengkulu Travel and Tourism

Bengkulu Travel and Tourism. Bengkulu is the capital city of Bengkulu Province. This area is the second largest in Sumatra after Padang. Like other areas in the country, this city, which is nicknamed Bumi Rafflesia, also offers a myriad of tour attractions. Starting from a row of beaches, hills, mountains, waterfalls, museums, and many others.

Even though its location is in Sumatra, Bengkulu is very easy to access, you know. Including air routes, many airlines have opened routes to Bengkulu. For example, Lion Air, the largest low-cost airline in Indonesia, has also collaborated with Traveloka. So those of you who want to visit Bengkulu can easily order tickets at Traveloka.

Traveling to Bengkulu is also a lot of popular tours. For those who have no experience in Bengkulu, popular tours are a safe choice. Later, if you often go back and forth to Bengkulu, then the virgin tours can be explored. So, which are the popular tours in Bengkulu? Let’s take a peek at the following line.

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A Must-Visit Tour When you choose Bengkulu Travel and Tour

Bung Karno’s Exile House
Bengkulu is also a silent witness to the struggle of Indonesia’s First President, Ir. Soekarno. Bung Karno was exiled by the Dutch to this house, which was supposed to be rented from a Chinese trader. This fairly simple house was occupied by Bung Karno in 1983-1942 together with his wife Inggit Ganarsih and his adopted son, Ratna Djuami.

Inside there are still many remains of Soekarno, starting from the bed, Bung Karno’s collection books, love letters, and so on. An exile house that is currently a tourist destination, the address is in Anggut Atas, Ratu Samban, Bengkulu,

Long Beach Bengkulu
Another location that is popular with travelers is Panjang Beach. The panorama offered in this place is a beach with white sand with waves that are not too dangerous. Called Pantai Panjang, this place has a long coastline, reaching 7 kilometers.

Many people come here to enjoy the beach panorama. Besides that, the beach panorama at dusk is also very special. The facilities in this place are also adequate, there is a large parking area, a place to eat, a prayer room, a hotel, and others. The address of Panjang Beach is in two Ratu Agung Districts, Teluk Segara and Ratu Samban District. (Bengkulu Travel and Tourism)

From the Beach to the Fort Traveling in Bengkulu has it all attractive location

Wind Bath Waterfall
Apart from the previously mentioned tours, Bengkulu also has many stunning waterfalls. One that is quite popular is the Mandi Angin. The address is in Air Berau Village, Pondok Suguh, Muko-muko, North Bengkulu. From the parking lot, the location of the waterfall can be reached by walking 10-15 minutes. This waterfall is the highest waterfall in Bengkulu with a height of 80 meters. Therefore, it is not recommended to bathe directly under the waterfall.

Malborough Fort
Fort Marlborough is a silent witness to British colonialism in Bengkulu. This fort was founded by the British Empire in 1714-1719. Even though it has been hundreds of years ago, the condition of this fort is still strong, well maintained and clean. Every year a lot of foreign tourists from England come to this place.

The reason is that Fort Marlborough is not an ordinary place, but it used to be the residence of royal officials and honorable families. The address of this fort is on Jl. Benteng, Kebun Keling, Segara, Bengkulu.

The more places that are explored, the more knowledge will be added. Whether it’s knowledge about how to mingle with new people, culture, to customs. So, where are you traveling next? Always uphold the rules at the destination. (Bengkulu Travel and Tourism)

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