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Beautiful Place in Sabu Island – Part 2

Part 2 – Have you ever been about Sabu Island in East Nusa Tenggara or NTT? Its popularity is inferior to Flores or Komodo Island, but Sabu Island has a typical East Indonesian tourist destination that is second to none.

Blessed with beautiful nature, this island is located in Sabu Raijua Regency and is the southernmost island in Indonesia after Rote Island. Like a hidden gem, Sabu Island is far away and the hot weather does not deter tourists to explore it. Apart from nature, cultural nuances are also the main attraction of Sabu Island.

How to get to Sabu Island

To reach Sabu Island, you can choose to take a plane or ferry from Kupang. If you take a plane, you need to pay starting from IDR 1,000,000 for a single trip, while for a ferry, it starts from IDR 85,000 per person. If you take a boat, there is a choice of fast boats available with a travel time of about four hours. On arrival at Sabu Island, public transportation is still rarely found so it will be easier if you travel by using a travel agent service.

1. Kepo Beach

How can you not be curious if what you are going to visit is a piece of beauty like this? This hidden Kepo Beach offers a turquoise sea surrounded by cliffs. When viewed from above, you will get a beautiful panorama. You can also go around to find other sides that can amaze you.

You need to find your own way to go down until you reach the beach sand. Most travelers take advantage of various spots on the rocks to enjoy the beauty of Kepo Beach. You really have to be curious to explore this beach!

Address: Halapadji Village, Sabu Liae, Sabu Raijua, East Nusa Tenggara
Opening Hours: Daily, 24 hours
Ticket Price: Free

2. Traditional Village of Namata

It’s a loss if you miss the Namata Traditional Village while on vacation or on tour on Sabu Island. The megalithic civilization which is marked by large stones arranged in a certain shape gives a distinctive feel that you won’t get anywhere else. When entering this traditional village, you are also required to wear traditional Sabu clothes. There are rentals available to rent traditional clothes starting from IDR 100,000 for a complete set.

After wearing traditional clothes, there will be a guide who will take you around the traditional village. There are various customary regulations, such as stones that cannot be photographed and the belief of residents that each stone has magical powers. So if you want to take a photo, don’t violate the existing customary rules!

Address: Raeloro, West Sabu, Sabu Raijua, East Nusa Tenggara
Opening Hours: Daily, 24 hours
Ticket Price: Free

3. Lie Mabala Cave

Visiting the bowels of the earth is indeed a different experience and Lie Mabala Cave is a must-visit spot on Sabu Island. Who can deny the beauty of this cave, especially when the sun comes in in the right place like this! This cave wall also has a color pattern like Kelabba Maja so that it adds to its natural beauty.

To make your photos even more aesthetically pleasing, you can also rent a scarf or headband starting from 5,000 IDR. You will have no trouble finding a good location to take pictures because the situation inside the cave is quite bright. Don’t go out of your way, OK!

Address: Eimau, Sabu Tengah, Sabu Raijua, East Nusa Tenggara
Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday, 09.00 WITA – 17.00 WITA
Ticket Price: Starting from 10,000 IDR

4. Bukit Lede Pemulu

If you pass Lede Pemulu Hill, you don’t need to hesitate to stop for a moment and admire its beauty. The expanse of green grass hit by the hot sun is already beautiful from there. Taking photos at tourist attractions on Sabu Island is common because whichever side is chosen, Bukit Lede Pemulu will make your photos look instagramable.

You can also see the sea view from a distance on this hill. Besides that, you can also find herds of horses grazing and adding to the charm of Bukit Lede Pemulu. Isn’t that interesting?

Address: Borders of Loborai and Mehona Villages, Sabu Liae, Sabu Raijua, East Nusa Tenggara
Opening Hours: Daily, 24 hours
Ticket Price: Free

5. Huwaga Village

Huwaga Village has many interesting locations that you can visit. You can see the beach if you miss wanting to get wet. There is also Lake Huwaga which is great for hanging out in the afternoon. This lake is located near the beach and its beautiful environment makes this place even more comfortable.

You will also find hills that remind you of Sumba. When the weather is clear, this place is fun to be a selfie spot. This beautiful hill contour deserves to be immortalized in your photo collection on Sabu Island.

Address: Huwaga, Sabu Timur, Sabu Raijua, East Nusa Tenggara
Opening Hours: Daily, 24 hours
Ticket Price: Free

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