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Bangkok Platinum Fashion Mall

Bangkok Platinum Fashion Mall. I don’t know why Bangkok always craves huh? He said it was because the cost of living in Bangkok was the same as in Indonesia. Many also say because in Bangkok there are many cheap clothes with boutique quality. It is said that many boutique owners in Indonesia shop in Bangkok, one of the malls that has become a “jujugan”, namely Platinum Fashion Mall

Transportation to Platinum Fashion Mall
Transportation in Bangkok is really easy because there are not many BTS and MRT lines, and there are only two exits per station. Likewise to Platinum Fashion Mall, just go to BTS Ratchachewi then walk for about 15 minutes (900 meters). From the exit of the station setting, a GPS will definitely arrive at Platinum Fashion Mall.

If you don’t want to walk from BTS Ratchathewi, you can take bus number 93 to get off two bus stops to Pantip Plaza 2 then still walk about 200 meters. So, if I was really spoiled by taking an uber from the hotel, I just returned to take the bus to BTS Ratchathewi because Uber refused several times. They refused as long as they canceled it because they couldn’t read the instructions I gave in English when booking Uber.

Shop at Bangkok Platinum Fashion Mall

My goal is to go to Platinum Fashion Mall for shopping. From the entrance I have had many visitors who dragged plastic suitcases. Like I said before, many people take wholesale goods at Platinum Fashion Mall.

In Surabaya, Platinum Fashion Mall is similar to the atomic market. The price is affordable but the concept is like in a mall because it is air conditioned. It’s different from the hot market Chatuchak, eh but Chatuchak has a magnet that can’t be replaced even though it’s hot. Before entering to shop, I took a photo of the location plan. There are 7 floors with each floor there are three zones.

Are the prices at Platinum Fashion Mall cheap compared to other malls in Bangkok? The day before, I stopped by Asiatique to buy a t-shirt, with the same brand, the price is cheaper at Platinum Fashion Mall by a difference of 50 Bath. Suitcases are also cheap compared to those in Matahari, although I had to bargain beforehand.

Big size or oversize clothes are my mainstay if they are charged around 150 thousand, for Surabaya batik it can be 250-350 thousand. There are also many accessories like earrings that cost 20 thousand. Some boutiques apply a fixed price, but some are negotiable if you buy more than one. The point is that at Platinum Fashion Mall, everything is a shopping paradise.

Take Money at an ATM at Platinum Fashion Mall Bangkok

As a shopping place where money out of your wallet accelerates, this mall is provided by several banks with money changer facilities. However, I compared it to the exchange rate when I exchanged it in Indonesia, the fall was far behind. Finally I chose to take money at an ATM with the Cirrus logo, the withdrawal fee was around Rp. 30,000, –

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The method for taking it is the same as taking money at an Indonesian ATM. There is an English setting and there is also a confirmation of the withdrawal fee that must be paid and billed. When I matched the bill while in Indonesia, it was safe to withdraw money at an ATM in Bangkok.

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