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Abu Dhabi One Day Trip

Abu Dhabi One Day Trip. To go to Abu Dhabi, you must take part in tour packages that are sold online because taking a public bus is more complicate. At that time I chose a tour package. I have determine the day, then after the booking process is complete, the travel party will email to ask for our Dubai number for communication.

The trip from Dubai to Abu Dhabi is about 1.5 hours, and have to stop at a rest area that allow tourists to buy food at McDonald’s and go to the toilet. All the way from Dubai to Abu Dhabi on unpaid toll roads that are dry, hot and dusty. As far as my eyes could see there was only a desert with trees without leaves. I felt that Abu Dhabi was extraordinarily hot compare to Dubai.

Abu Dhabi Museum and Shop

In Abu Dhabi the group was dropp off at the museum or gold jewelery shop in front of the Sheik Zayed Mosque; I forgot the exact name of the museum. In the shop and museum; you cannot take any pictures; because the guide says that many replicas in the museum were plagiarize in China (do you know …).

Now, after leaving the shop, the guide explaine on the bus that if you enter the mosque wearing close clothes from top to toe, if my clothes are safe, I just want to borrow the veil that has been provide on the bus. But there is something funny, most European Caucasians are already wearing close clothes, but they are still hollow in the middle and there are also those who wear a veil but with visible armpits. Fortunately the guide is patient, so all tourists are force to wear the abaya and hoods provide on the bus.

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Entering Sheik Zayed Mosque

Entering the mosque area, there were really busy tourists from various countries. The mosque officials were busy syringes because there were some naughty tourists who open their head coverings; wore tight leggings and there were still holes in the chest. Yes, the name is the mosque area; then there are also many non-Muslims who come so many don’t know that if they enter the mosque; they must cover their genitals.

Entering the Sheik Zayed Mosque, which open in 2007 and was built for almost 11 years, it amaz me, it’s really nice in white and there are gold ornaments in various corners. Then aroundVlog it many pillars add to the grandeur of the mosque. Inside the mosque is also very tightly guard, syringes officers who are not allow to enter here, and cannot take photos there. There is also a rope attach to a special length for walking in the mosque.

After finishing at the Sheik Zayed Mosque, the group was invit to stop by 15 minutes to take photos in front of the Emirates Palace Hotel, which is to be a luxury hotel worth 7 million per night. Then head to the Heritage Village which is a mandatory tour in Abu Dhabi.(Abu Dhabi One day Trip)

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