Tuesday, June 15

A day in Kyoto Japan

A day in Kyoto Japan. In my opinion, just one day in Kyoto is lacking. However, due to limited vacation time, I had to arrange the important Kyoto tourist spots in just one day. These tourist spots are Fushimi Inari, Arashiyama and Gion.

In the day trip, I departed from Osaka in the morning using Shinkasen with a distance of 30 minutes. The ticket is 560 yen or around Rp. 72,000, – I paid for the ticket for free because I have a JR Pass.

I decided not to stay in Kyoto but in Osaka for 3 days 2 nights; I spent a day in Kyoto and 2 full days in Osaka.

Arashiyama, Kyoto Japan

Getting to Arashiyama, transportation is also quite easy, getting off at JR SagaaArashiyama (JR Sagano Line for Sonobe). From the station exit, you can see Saga Torokko Station, which is the station for the Sagano tourist train or called the Sagano Romantic Train. Because it was my intention to ride the Sagano Romantic Train, I bought the ticket in advance for the 11:01 departure. The ticket price is 620 yen for one way.

There are still about 2 hours from the departure of the Sagano Romantic Train, I first went to Togetsu Bridge. From Sagaarashiyama station I have to walk about 900 meters.

It doesn’t feel far, because all around I was treated to Japanese houses, people’s lives and rows of souvenir shops, suddenly I just arrived at Togetsu Bridge.

Arriving at Togetsu Bridge, you can see the Arashiyama River and only an ordinary wooden bridge. But its history is indeed on the bridge which is the icon of Arashiyama, which has been built since 400 years ago.

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Tour the Arashiyama Forest on the Sagano Romantic Train

Arriving at Sagano Romantic Train, I just need to show the ticket I bought and then get on the train according to the seat written on the ticket. A total of one trip on the Sagano Train is 25 minutes … passing 4 stations, namely (Saga Torokko Station, Arashiyama Torokko Station, Hozukyo Torokko Station and Kameoka Torokko Station).

For departures apart from Saga Torokko Station, you can also ride from Arashiyama Torokko Station which is 800 meters from Bamboo Forest. Sagano Train has a different station from JR, there is the name “Torokko Station” at each stop. (Kyoto Japan)

There are quite a lot of Sagano Romantic Train enthusiasts, but don’t worry, there are 8 departures with an hour delay. It’s safe to book the ticket first when you arrive at Arashiyama before traveling to Bambo Forest and Togetsu Bridge.

The scenery from the nature that the Sagano Romantic Train passes by is like a forest and a river. Actually, it is not much different from the atmosphere when we go to natural areas that have rafting. However, because the train cuts through the forest, the atmosphere is different, especially only 25 minutes feels very fast

The last station of the Sagano Romantic Train is Kameoka Torokko Station, all passengers are required to get off. After that, if you continue your trip to other areas of Kyoto; you have to take the JR train at Umahari Station which is 550 meters away. Again, even though I was walking, I didn’t feel tired because all the way through the trip the atmosphere was rice fields. It’s the same as the atmosphere in Indonesia, but what makes it beautiful are the Japanese houses. (A day in Kyoto Japan)


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